Brownies are 7-10 year olds who have fun whilst learning new and practical skills through games, challenges and discovering how to work in teams.

Brownie meetings are full of adventures, games and activities, frequently ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves. Meetings are busy with games and other activities which the Brownies help to plan. Many Brownie Packs go away on holiday, to camp or on an overnight sleepover. Brownies make lots of friends and are encouraged to do their best according to their abilities.

Brownies meet regularly and there are often opportunities to take part in special activities and events throughout the year; such as sleepovers, holidays and day-trips.

Their meetings are action-packed and full of challenges. Everything a Brownie does is an adventure. Brownies belong to a Pack and work in small groups called Sixes. This gives each girl a group of ready-made friends to take care of her. It also makes her feel that she belongs to something special.

Meetings and adventures provide a wide range of activities and there is something for everyone, from outdoor challenges to learning new skills. Brownies get involved in community action projects and look at the wider world.

Being a Brownie opens the door to a world of adventure full of new interests and friends.

Brownies are relevant to today’s girls, whilst maintaining the traditional skills and badges, Brownies keep up-to-date with new and exciting skills and are always having fun!

The Brownie Promise

I promise that I will do my best,
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people,
And to keep the Brownie Guide Law

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Girlguiding South Lanarkshire members meet across the county taking part in activities ranging from colouring to canoeing, games to grass sledging, swimming to sleepover and partying to pioneering!

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