Guides are aged between 10 and 14 years of age.

Being a Guide is all about learning new skills, making new friends and helping others. Each Guide is encouraged to achieve her own personal goals with the opportunity to work for a wide variety of badges and Go For It challenges. At Guides, you are able to experience exciting challenges with friends in a safe environment, whilst having lots of fun!

Guides work together in Patrols, groups of four to eight girls, providing a ready-made group of friends and helping the girls to feel that they belong to something special. A Patrol plans its own activities with the support of the Guide Leader so that each Guide learns to share in decisions that affect herself and others in the Patrol.

Guides get to try a wide range of activities appropriate to their age, abilities and interests. Guides can discover, decide, plan, do and evaluate their experiences with the guidance of a trained adult Leader. Guides constantly seek to challenge themselves, whilst developing their individual life skills, confidence and knowledge. Guides learn to think and act for themselves, they develop respect for the environment and a sense of community through the wide variety of badges they can earn.

The best part is Guides get to choose what they can do, whether it is an outdoor adventure like canoeing, archery, abseiling, hiking, camping or just sitting around a campfire singing, chatting and sharing a joke or two. Guides get to choose their range of indoor activities, it could be a special recipe, being creative, working as a team planning their next adventures or exploring another culture and faith.

Any girl over the age of 10 can become a Guide as long as she is able to understand, and wants to make, the Guide Promise. Girls are encouraged to grow into well balanced, active young people through a dynamic programme which covers five ‘Zones’.

  1. Healthy Lifestyles… Promoting physical activity, often in the out of doors, healthy eating and positive self-awareness amongst other activities.
  2. Global Awareness… Increasing awareness of global issues and how each Guide can make a difference to the future of the world.
  3. Skills and Relationships… Developing self-confidence, promoting teamwork and improving their life skills.
  4. Celebrating Diversity… Enjoying an increasing knowledge of the richness of our community while learning about individual rights and responsibilities.
  5. Discovery… Challenging girls with new experiences and adventure.

The Guide Promise

I promise that I will do my best,
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people,
And to keep the Guide Law.

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Girlguiding South Lanarkshire members meet across the county taking part in activities ranging from colouring to canoeing, games to grass sledging, swimming to sleepover and partying to pioneering!

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